Maria Lozano

María Lozano is an architect by the ETSAG (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquictura de Alcalá de Henares) and MsAAD from Columbia University, New York.

She moved to NYC on May 2014, and currently lives in Brooklyn. 

       'I have always believed in the use of other disciplines as an external reference from architecture, in order to push further the field. The relationship between architecture and design is not new in my work, but a constant drive of my past, present and future endeavors. I have been continuously interested in XXS scale as a way to investigate and develop new concepts and also as a way of connecting both disciplines, architecture and design, in all its possible variations.
       As Eugène Viollet-le-Duc once said, ‘Architecture is the art of building which consists of two parts, theory and practice. Theory is the art itself, the rules suggested by the pleasure derived from the tradition, and also science, which is based on constant and absolute formulas. Practice is the application of theory to the needs, which folds the art and science of a period’s nature. Sharing this view of Architecture has made me combine both theory and practice throughout my career. Furthermore, I personally believe that Architecture, like any other art, is always an expression of society and should reflect a conception of life. As such, I have always tried to implement my knowledge by exploring diverse critical, theoretical and historical perspectives. This is a compilation of my architectural experimentations during my career, which summarizes all these thoughts.'